Chasing Fireflies

The night hangs thick and weary

A slick sky smeared with purple paint

Pin pricked canvas, twitching white.

An elephant ponderous in sagging skin

The color of pavement stones

Tramples black grass beneath padded feet.

Trunk tied with coiled tail, he trails behind

A Dalmatian who wears shadows scattered

In satin fur, like the smudges of

Dirty fingerprints and wonders

If perhaps the spots are stars turned

Inside out. Slippery fireflies

Drift by, juggling miniature

Narcoleptic suns that flick on and off

Like spastic bathroom lights

Start go, start go they move

A chain link fence in pendulous unison

Chasing sputtering halos that weave

With the ease of trick aeroplanes


(I believe it’s actually snow but when I initially saw the image I interpreted it differently. I have no idea why I was obsessed with alliteration. Well another attempt at a somewhat childlike poem today’s kind of an off day for me so.)



Love Song

I remember you, bled through

My memories, lingering doubt

Pressed into hesitant goodbyes

Tears resolved in silence, never

Ending, what I meant not enough

To make you feel and I am

The only one undone

As always, the weaker one


Cellular this addiction

Translates my DNA, chemical

This dependence withdrawing

In my mind, I will never be free

Your ghost in my eyes trapping

Detritus, tethered by

Your post traumatic

Reflection I still see you

Drawing down my lips


I can’t bring myself

To leave you alone,

In my dreams you replay,

My heart just the same as you left it,

Broken these chords, is that

The worst you can do?

Anything I would give, to be

Destroyed by you again, to feel

Your words, your lies, cutting through

My pantomime. I know myself

Through your song

The chorus in my mouth,

This dead melody, it’s all been

Heard before, the lyrics choked

In my voice, raped in yours

My absence just a change of scenery

So little I’ve come to mean

Hammered down by your

Narcissistic need


You’re too scared to feel

These wind chased memories

Blow strait through you

Chill me to the bone, your

All I need to be warm, the fire

Of you melting me down, volcanic

This ash on my tongue creating

Entire continents of grief

We are not meant to be but

Inside of me you still run

Wild over everything I believe


(Sorry for the crap today I am resolved no matter what to write everyday)