The water breaks,

Surface severed

With your



This is

How ugly




A bottle

Of misery

To taste

Your nostalgia

We used to

Be so



We’ve grown

Less over time


The cost of this

Visceral love


A line of



What I

Know of



In your eyes,

What I know

Of love

Unholy in



We might

Really be


This time

You might

Not be

What I

Needed but

What I want

Has become

All that

I can see

And its

Not you

In my heart

It’s only

A chemical



Underground (Graphic)

Street light penitentiary

I cradle the moth’s wings

The nights wet with

Hysteria, my

White powder suicide

Sick smoke rising

I live underground


Revolver cocked

Bullets bled through

Splintered cavities

These cells of poverty

Mind states siphoning

Violence, needs become

Instincts, primal the

Will to survive


We are the less

Than blessed

On the bottom

We cling to


That feel like poetry

But fracture like reality

All these pretty pills

Swimming in my head

All my pretty angels

Crashing to the ground

One by one death

Chokes out the humanity

Left in me, while my friends

Surrender six feet down


You will find me a

Beggar, hard-pressed

In criminal appetites

Selling flesh in

Nylon trappings

Trick vein, this heart

Pumps gasoline

Igniting serpentine lust

Writhing on the

Bathroom floor

Slightly wasted

Chemically faded


Trapped between my legs

Saliva slick fingers

Pressing, defenseless

Just take what’s left of me

Hollow me out

Soak me in your viscous


I will remember

You milky white

Drying on my skin

Drowned in the crevices

Of my borrowed soul


I go fishing in the alleyway

Love doesn’t come cheap

But bodies do and no one

Wants to be alone

I like the taste

Of your sex on my knees

The way you grip me

Degrade me, invade

My mouth with your need

I respond to the urgency

No one wants to be empty


(I wrote this in the perspective of one of my characters, right now I am writing graphic stories that where my mind is I guess. I reached 50 subscribers! I never thought I’d have even 1 so I was just floored thank you guys for reading =) I wrote this by basically just writing down any words or phrases that popped in my head so. Well I decided to do a reading though afterwords it dawned on me that it is rather perverted but I kind of just blew through it quickly. I must be absolutely insane but I think I sound vaguely like Winona Ryder at the end.)