You resolved me to synchronicity

A series of irrelevant events

Filtered through a spirit of winter

The treacherous black frost, love

Betraying our hearts; beats

Skipping slightly out of rhythm


If fate had a hand I do not

Remember her being gracious

Your attention was hard to come by

You loved me after what seemed

A long deliberation and always

Very cautiously, cautious still

But more than willing


We are an awkward pair

Two left feet dancing in

Perpetual collision, inescapable

You are steeped in my shadow

I love you lurking behind me

A porous presence, soaking

Up my words, absorbing

My footsteps by broadening

The margins with your own


We are weary but set on

A similar course, intimate

And mostly unspoken our

Understanding, feelings

Expressed haphazardly

Too pervasive to quantify

With simple phrases

Your eyes say everything

I wonder if mine also convey

The depth of my sentiment


Mind Game

He missed the insinuation

The words I scattered

Like bread crumbs

For him to follow

He dusted off

My inflections

The climatic rise

Of my propositions

With an easy smile

And a careless

Obedience to

My lingering



Did he pause

Weighing the


Of my responses?

Was it a conscious

Decision to ignore

This hand held heart

Passed over or a

Simple myopic oversight

Too far-fetched

For him to gauge

The dimensionality

And proximity

Of these belabored



I could forgive

Him ignorance

Not disregard

But if I press

Him further

I’ll look desperate

Another guy perhaps

Would clarify

The situation


(I am making fun of women who play these complicated games that no one understands and how they are always trying to decipher every word and gesture as if a secret code. I especially don’t understand the make him jealous approach it just blows my mind. Thank God I am not dating because I am much too dense for dating)