I love your smile

The way it defies gravity

Pulling in opposite directions


The left side dipping down

As if burdened by the

Elevation of the right

That single dimple

A half-moon engraved


A string of pearls your teeth

So neatly spaced, so elegantly

Placed, and those lips

Voluptuous lower pout

Split in the middle

Like a ripe peach

Blushing and succulent

The top lip is

More refined, chiseled

At the philtrum a

Knife point curve

With straying corners


I know your taste

It’s in my mouth

Irrelevantly infusing

My tongue, an enslaving

Sweetness, a smile

Pressed and undressed

Melting with my own


Long Distance

Hygroscopic you absorb

My tears, this swelling grief

The longing muted by silence

Miles and miles severing between


This love grows dim, uncertain

Withering in isolation

Unalterable distances

These landscapes

Of the flesh, marrow

Filled structures, rigid.


This indecision that

Entangles us in

Love-deprived spaces


My hands erotic

Endeavor to bind you

Insatiably seeking

Your embodied presence

This absence trapping

Gestures of lust and wanting

In their place my words consecrate

A rich and verbose seduction


A bated snare these poems

Seek to press you close

Between lines of sentiment

These sinful letters

My only means

Of correspondence