He siphoned his words

Directly from the heart vein

Passion a hematic interlude

His core being raw and idyllic


My own expressions waning anemic

As I am given to hemorrhagic poetry

These hands of mine always red

Felonious in my exploitations


Will he find himself

Dissected on canvas sheets?

Exposed and tragically misaligned?

No, for there is nothing secreted

In his truth that condemns

He is the light of dispersion

No silhouette can frame him

46 thoughts on “Silhouette

  1. When someone says to me,”Your words cut me deep. You were describing me but it’s not true.” How can I explain that I’m telling a story or writing a poem without looking for a target?
    Your poem has no particular target yet it’s about me, and you, and all writers that use blood for ink and ink for blood. Your poem was well written and I enjoyed all of it. Thank you.

  2. This poem is so dark it’s enlightening. To comment exactly what I liked would be copying and pasting the entire thing. As close to perfection I’ve read in a very long time. You hit this right on the head raw and idyllic, perhaps some foreshadowing there, but anyway I just love the darkness and bloodiness in here, which works in so many ways:)

  3. It is dark, but I don’t see it as the darkness of the malicious.

    That is how I read this, anyway.

    Always such powerful words from you.

  4. I feel this is the depth a man’s experience can touch… this poem dark yet holds so much of light… thanks for sharing this…

  5. Will he find himself

    Dissected on canvas sheets?

    these make me think .,.. I guess I am gonna use these to build another poem .. hope you do not mind , since it is not gonna be any awesome like yours always are !

  6. Wow!
    I loved the visuals the biology words create.. I had to look up a few words.
    Really amazing that you can write about pain so elegantly and in such an objective manner. And that too without using the usual words for expressing that pain!

    I hope you understand what I mean.. 🙂

  7. I do and wow thank you so much that’s so kind of you to say! I do write it from an observers point of view even if its my own pain it’s to make it more clear hopefully I succeed lol

  8. I read your poem, then read your comments to see if i could void a comment you have already received. It seems most has already been spoken in proper praise. So all I shall do is add a simple phrase. Man is but a pale reflection of women, and visa versa. Either one can be art or the artist but neither can paint themselves and understand their true beauty. I feel your poetry has a connection with me as most dark writers share. No offense on those who focus on the light its just not were we feel we belong. So the darkness is our home and our neighbors are those who also choose darkness to survive, you me, the lonely recluse are only three out of hundreds of thousands in the world who dwell in suffering both self inflicted sorrow and external villains. Just be sure the darkness doesn’t become you and you will always be strong. 🙂 good read have a great day.

    No feeling is without cause,


    1. Wow thank you so much Shoeless I am drawn like you to dark writing, to the concealed and deviant aspects of human nature. I am working on reflecting the light and not being eaten alive by my demons I don’t know that I am winning right now.

  9. I too can relate to this. While I do enjoy the light written by others, it does not have the same grab on me as the darker. It always feels deeper somehow. And I am not as good at writing it anyway. So why not leave it to others who have that talent. If it comes it comes but let us be who we are. Nicely done.

    1. I tend to think dark poems have more depth too but I have read some very profound philosophical poems that are by no means vacuously happy even if they are positive. I have trouble writing happy poems. Thanks for the like!

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