He siphoned his words

Directly from the heart vein

Passion a hematic interlude

His core being raw and idyllic


My own expressions waning anemic

As I am given to hemorrhagic poetry

These hands of mine always red

Felonious in my exploitations


Will he find himself

Dissected on canvas sheets?

Exposed and tragically misaligned?

No, for there is nothing secreted

In his truth that condemns

He is the light of dispersion

No silhouette can frame him



His features were drawn together,

A look of perpetual dissatisfaction

This man with a contrived mouth

Sour with the minor inflection

Of a semi-permeable smile

Granite these features,

Etched in Grecian perfection

Like a marble sculpture

I came to love that

Unalterable beauty

Hard-angled and frozen

Chiseled into fantasy


He was dangerously serious

Intelligence rendering him

Inept in conversation

Still, that body leonine,

Sinewy conveyed

Love in the carnal sense

At least, he’d perfected

The mechanism by

Which to unlock

Every manner of climax

Mercilessly precise and

Never demure in bed

No matter how clipped

His words, his mouth

Recognized generosity


He knew how to extract

One’s heart from between

Their thighs, through

The mastery of his sex

And mine he came to

Understand me in ways

I’ve never known myself


Beneath him there was no shadow

To fall into, no way to

Inhibit, there was only

Desire. ravenous and insistent

Nothing ever escaped

Those keen predatory eyes

Through them all

Was revealed, by them

All are rendered possessed


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