Chased with a pint of bourbon

Deadly liaison


45 thoughts on “Lush

      1. I know what you’re saying but the end result is a whole life reduced to nothing but a simple word that is never as simple as it appears.

        It’s a good piece though. Compels a lot of thought.

  1. Here’s how I interpreted it: a drunk starts hitting on someone’s wife, so the jealous husband bashes him over the head with the bottle of bourbon, killing him.

  2. Dark and rough but at the same time the structure and rules of the haiku lends a strange sense of humor. I find it both powerful and very well written. thank you.

  3. Been there. Been that. Not going back again. A mindful piece, great haiku. My mom died of liver disease… When she was drunk, she was about as much good to herself as the poor man in the picture. Amy

    1. I am so happy you are recovered and sorry to hear what happened to your mom. My dad is like that too and I’ve had two uncles die from drinking too it’s a much larger problem than people think

  4. I’ve had family members who denied their addictions.
    One has to be awake to do so…
    It is nice to read about those who recover.
    I went with humor in my offering…

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