Translucent vision

Priestess of empyrean

Ghosting eminence

Unfettered apparition

Swaying inside the ether


I realize my poetry tends to be dark, writing makes me happy though and excising the negative keeps me sane. Still its probably good for me and refreshing for you if I write *pretty* poems sometimes. Well I am not so good at pretty but that is all the more reason I should practice. This is for Becca Givens whose poetry always embodies light and warmth.


12 thoughts on “Sylph

  1. it doesnt matter if your poems are dark. there is this strange cryptic beauty about them i love so much. this one was equally lovely.. keep going!!

  2. OMG – what an honor!!!

    When I first read this … earlier today – I could not comment. I was blown away; speechless with the results of my eyes immediately started to water … very touching … the piece and the dedication. Thank you!!

    Your creative path is varied and filled with talent! Continue investigating, experimenting and speaking your truth for all to enjoy … xoxo

  3. I love this .. totally enticing 😉

    On edge of my dreams,
    I sit perched and alert
    to trap any shadow
    that passes into them;
    unless of course
    you wish to wander
    along my river of desire
    and drink from the pool
    that i guard just for you ..

    don’t know if you like this or not; I was totally inspired from the image …

  4. your poetry is mesmerizing whether dark or light. and i agree with you 100% about Becca. a very sweet dedication. ♥

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