We were all fairies once

Freed the dimensionality

Of planar existence

Slivers of pure radiance

We dance now around the maypole

Children of an eternal sun

Tugging the ribbons binding

Our tangled hearts, free

We trample the naked earth

With bare, drumming feet

Hand in hand

Reclaiming our innocence


Okay technically this was like a week ago but since I am living in Sweden I wanted to honor a Swedish holiday =)


8 thoughts on “Day 21 Solstice

  1. “I feel all vulnerable when I write about pleasant topics lol”

    You should write about “pleasant topics” more often … it is well worth traveling this unfamiliar road … you did this well!!


    1. Thank you Becca I am so glad you liked it =) I am sure I will write more pleasant poems I do feel I probably have one of the most gloomy blogs out there! Its probably good to switch it up sometimes

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