Snakeskin Tattoo

I could dip my pen

Into the chambers of your heart

Like an inkwell and paint

Your mystery but the letters

Would turn phosphorescent

And blind us both

These neon warnings

That I recklessly ignore,

Light you up like a back alley


I taste the streets in your kiss

This cotton candy addiction

Scarlet impressions on your collar

I scrub away with chewed up nails

Watching the clock’s betrayl

As it draws in another hour

Of seething loneliness


I wear your essence

Across my impoverished body

Like a snakeskin tattoo

If only I could peel away

This bitter rind and reclaim

The vulnerable flesh beneath

If only I could be cleansed

The venom of  your shadow culture


This is not a true story, so no worries


Everyday Saint

I watch him lumber with ataxic gait

Right foot dragging, shackling the left

Hunkering down over artificial limbs

He shuffles his rigid vestigial legs

In microscopic increments

Searching the white light exit


He calls out to the conductor

In a raw dysphagic voice

No longer able to form words

Only a series of gagging whimpers

Horrible, this shrill barking

It is the sound of suffering

The sound now of my own heart

Aching, a wailing pulse


The ophidian body grinds to a halt

And the snake’s lips peel back

Revealing rows of rough

Venomous teeth, dripping green

Centimeters at a time the old man

Eases forward on his six spindly legs

A bleak audience immobile


Finally, a middle-aged Sikh

Reaches his hand out gently

And in a semi-awkward dervish

He frees the old man from

The gaping serpentine mouth

Returning to his seat, a saint


(I wrote this one on my really off day and I am just very uncertain about it.)


I lay down with you

In this shallow grave

This bed that’s

Imprinted with

Our memories




With lust


Our limbs


And uncertain

We infold our

Hearts into

The sheets

Like glass


In newspaper

Were we to

Tear away the



We’d find





I will

Make love

To you

Just to see

Your face in

A different light

Just to break

This fatal atmosphere

And if pleasure

Brings you some relief

I will handcuff

You to the

Bed and drive you

Into the earth

Deep into




Close your

Eyes, take

These lies

Down with a kiss

It’ll be alright

Let’s just fuck until

We’re invincible

Day 21 Solstice

We were all fairies once

Freed the dimensionality

Of planar existence

Slivers of pure radiance

We dance now around the maypole

Children of an eternal sun

Tugging the ribbons binding

Our tangled hearts, free

We trample the naked earth

With bare, drumming feet

Hand in hand

Reclaiming our innocence


Okay technically this was like a week ago but since I am living in Sweden I wanted to honor a Swedish holiday =)