I know I am on 19 but I also know I’ve answered all the prompts so. This summer we’ve not made too many plans due to financial restrictions but two things I really hope to do are:

1. Go to the Kolmården Zoo and The Tropicarium. My husband and I know several of the animal keepers in both places and sometimes in the past we’ve gotten behind the scenes views. For example we got to go into the Elephant enclosure and ride the elephants. We’ve been offered to get up close to the wolves and even interact with the tiger cubs and I really hope we get to do that!

2. We’re really hoping to take Isadora to an Amusement Park we’ve found one that caters to very young children. When I went to the USA we took her to a County Fair and she rode everything that they’d let her on, she was 2 almost 3 then and she wasn’t scared of anything. I nearly had a heart-attack on The Ferris Wheel because I don’t like heights but it didn’t bother her at all.

In town there is a giant play area called Busfabriken that she might go to as well, the grandparents and aunts take her there sometimes. It has all these elaborate tunnels and she can climb all way up to a very high ceiling naturally Isadora does! At the playground too she has to do what the big kids are doing. She’s a little daredevil. She will also go out to my in-laws summer house, she loves it there.

And some pictures taken from Zoos by my talented husband

My wild child playing with her cousin Felix. She is crazy about girly dresses!


18 thoughts on “Day 20 Summer Outings

  1. The zoo trip sounds like a dream come true. To be so close to those animals is such a treat!
    Your daughter is a beauty. They look as if they’re having such fun! Thanks for sharing it with us, hubby takes some great pics too!

  2. you ask about the book I was reading yesterday. Water for Elephants.. I am barley into it.. I read it when I can. I know that the book is about a circus and a guy comes to help and be the vet for them.. I do not know much about it.. I am enjoying it for now. I guess there are suppose to be some sad parts because of the animals.. But I think that may make it a great book…

  3. The Zoo is always Great for kids, grandkids and adults. And your photos are the best I have seen in a long time. Especially the first one, is it a ground squirle or a prairie dog. THANKS FOR SHARING

  4. I am sure once I have children I will go to the zoo too!! It’s been several years since I’ve been! I LOVE your pictures!! Seriously amazing! I especially love the one of your little girl! She looks like she’s having a great time!!

    To answer your questions, YES you can write about what ever you want tomorrow, it’s Independence day!! Ha!

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