He fell from the rafters,

Like a noose

Death’s own emissary

His throat swollen shut

Face blue with concealment

Each movement perilous

Until finally he ground himself

Into complete stasis


He wears despair

In smudges of charcoal

In the hollow above

His cheekbones

Insomniac eyes

That dream without

The aid of sleep

This animated corpse

Stands in places

You once stood

He wears your face

Cleverly, like a tipped fedora

But he’s got the eyes of a dying fish

Vacuous and filled with bug-eyed panic

Windows, these grim eyes

Sometimes I see his heart

Collapsing behind them

Like decomposing fruit

His mind is a limestone quarry

I see his residue

In the cracks on the floorboards

Like the painted face of a Geisha

Moon pale and beautiful

Brilliant spirit, crumbling


Barely breathing, this suicide

Assumes a requiem of its own

In the haunting patterns

Of your clarion heartbeat

Steadily I’m hammered down

Into a wafer-thin imitations of myself

Together I keep us both pressed

Between the pages of my notebook

Bloody Rorschach impressions

We’ve become virtually indistiguishable


some of you know my husband is severely Depressed and this is about living with him




97 thoughts on “Requiem

  1. I hope your dedication will be as successful as your words are..an amazing portrait that you’ve shown here..I pray for blessings…

  2. This is a pretty good portrayal of what depression is like. Depression is proven to be contagious, so I hope you are able to get counseling when you need it.

  3. Depression is such an insidious beast too. I hope his meds kick in soon and that he can bring himself out of it all. I’ve been to those dark dismal depths myself and know it all seems such despair. Very vivid imagery.

  4. I knew immediately that this detailed the beast ~ depression. You so vividly and lucidly illustrated it’s reality, it’s physicality. Brilliant writing, this.

  5. I’m all teary eyed. I’ve been there. It’s a hard road.

    It’s hard to give praise to your writing because of the sad subject matter, but by gahd, you are a terrific writer.

  6. It’s not easy to have someone with depression around you, it takes double the effort, to be strong for him and for yourself … All the best! Good that you can let the feelings into a poem!

  7. living with depression is not easy, i know i am depressive person, but i isolate myself from ppl most times, just becos i know my mood is constantly up and down…its difficult i know…

  8. Stands in places
    You once stood
    He wears your face

    A telling, haunting work about the visage of depression as the disease creates an effigy. The entanglement that occurs when our intimate relationships crush us is so beautifully captured in reference to the projective test, the Rorschach. An apt metaphor. Well done.

  9. I don’t know what I can said that hasn’t already been said – very eloquently – in all the previous comments. I believe Churchill called it his black dog… I have been there and I still feel the lure of the abyss, much like the beautiful song of the sirens lured sailors aground in ancient Greece, but when I was at my worst, my very, very worst I couldn’t look at myself in a mirror… This brings back the feeling of how I must have looked, how I felt I looked back when everything was simply empty.

    It is a beautiful piece and I hope that both you and your husband are getting the support you need. Grasp at every single straw, that’s the best piece of advice I can give, and don’t try to be too strong or you’ll dive in there with him.

    Good luck!

  10. Touched and stunned by the vivid imagery of your poem. I always view depression as some kind of monster that just drags a person into a hole and empties their mind. It can be frightening, and I think it takes a lot to stand by a person who has this monster stalking him too.

  11. Could really feel the pressure which you’re undergoing….Woman is power herself and has extraordinary power to face almost anything ..The description of the poetry squeezes the mind..My prayers are with you…Thanks for share MLM..

  12. the comparisons were just beautiful… it amazes me the way you have brought the situation to life. i could see the imagery in front of my eyes distinctly… awesome :):)

  13. Very vivid visions expressed – I hope your husband finds his way out sometime soon – a friend of mine wasn’t successful in her search.

  14. Raw & evocative.

    A powerful write indeed.

    Best wishes to the both of you and thanks for taking time out to visit my blog.

  15. This is such a beautifully crafted poem in the realms of a condition all too common. It is rather draining when it comes and goes. Keep the poetry up. I know verse and words have helped me in the past.

  16. Powerful words and imagery. I know depression well and what it is like to live with it. The hopelessness of your words are heart aching.
    God bless you both and thank you for this read.

    This is my main blog. I use WordPress to post Undead Poetry

  17. What an amazing, intimate portrait of this. So well written, I felt this thoroughly. My your writings help you through this as you help him. Blessings of peace to your both.

  18. depression is a scary thing (i hope you don’t mind me saying that). it’s a tough road but i pray that you both will pull through. i believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

    just keep on writing, you are such an amazing writer. i enjoyed most, if not all, of your posts. take this one. it didn’t get too personal or self-pitying, but instead it is a work of such vivid imagery. for example, :
    I see his residue
    In the cracks on the floorboards
    Like the painted face of a Geisha
    Moon pale and beautiful
    Brilliant spirit, crumbling

    beautiful writing.

  19. Beginning reading I thought you were dragging out what should have been a quick suicide, but then I began to understand. Horrible picture of the dangling, writhing suicidal hanging. Maybe we need to be reminded that it isn’t a quick way out. Then I saw your pain in watching the slow attempt, and how seeing creates the image in you. I’m sorry. Been there. Excellent depiction.

  20. Excellent. “He wears your face
    Cleverly, like a tipped fedora
    But he’s got the eyes of a dying fish” I love these lines and also “Together I keep us both pressed
    Between the pages of my notebook
    Bloody Rorschach impressions
    We’ve become virtually indistiguishable”
    I think I know this feeling…

  21. Very powerful poetry, spoke very clearly to me, being close to several people with forms of depression. Beautifully melancholic, soul stilling, even in my chaotic heart. May fortune follow you and your husband.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  22. A deep and intense sharing of painful sadness in poetry. A profound and beautiful composition of darkness and how it tortures the soul, the mind and the body. May you both lift up to the Holy Spirit in its bright light and let its water cleanse you and heal you and renew you… God Bless.

  23. this is so moving! i love it and can completely relate to it through family and friends who are suffering with depression xxx

  24. This is the most vivid decsription of depression I’ve read, as your writing is rich with imagery. I can imagine the pain your husband must be going through, and can imagine the strength and courage that you display. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Vivid imagery, draws the reader in. Wonderful language used, awesome line “He wears despair, In smudges of charcoal”, wow! My thoughts and prayers to you and your husband.

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