A living embodiment of artistry

Charming and vivid, your beauty

Renders you untouchable

Devious in your labyrinthine

Simplicity, I add texture

To our quiet encounters

Painting you with my own

Patterned expectations


You fall into enigma

Pendulous these formless

Feelings sway heavily

In my heart

Gaining momentum

With your resonance


In my dreams we coil

Around each other

In reality we only mingle

Pulling away before

Embrace, so close

But never close enough


You allude me, painted

Serpentine tongue, your

Halcyon words become venom

And this infection may

Only be in the larval stage

But through you I now decay


You dilute me with watery eyes

A bird against the window pane

I will beat myself to death

To get close to you

You who I now see through

Is there anything inside

Or are you really just a

Flamboyant mistake?


(I realize how far behind I am and I can’t tell my ass from my head at the moment oh how to catch up lol My writing is still shaky though I did feel inspired by this picture I don’t feel I was able to convey the poem in my heart fully)




42 thoughts on “Larval Stage

  1. Very rich, deep and textured. Love the questioning, seeking tone through out. I see you might be on twitter. I’ll try and link up with you there. Great Magpie.

      1. Which explains why I cud not find you on twitter – I don’t do facebook – enough distraction with blog & twitter I’m afraid. I’ll see if I can follow your blog – follow back only if you want. Thanks.

  2. You are simply amazing to convey those message looking at those pics…

    Very good post!


  3. Hi– I think you did an overall beautiful job with the prompt. I love the serpentine tongues and the idea of dilution– it is difficult to write about feelings as entities without becoming abstract– try for more concretion/image/metaphor– and perhaps let some free association take you away from the prompt into something more palpable, perhaps. You have beautiful facility with language! xxxj

  4. There are some images that evoke so much in us; yet words elude us to describe those thoughts. Therein perhaps lies the power of a visual.. .

    Enjoyed reading the poem.

    1. I really enjoyed this visual because its so abstract. I was amazed by the other posts oddly I hadn’t even thought of fish at all when I saw this until I read the other prompts at which point I could definitely see it. When my 3 year old daughter saw it, she told me very matter-of-factly that they were fish lol That’s what I love about abstract we all see different things. Thank you so much =)

  5. “A bird against the window pane

    I will beat myself to death

    To get close to you”

    striking imagery!

    “Painting you with my own

    Patterned expectations”

    how often do we make that mistake? {unfortunately, i made it over and over and over again.}

    this is a fabulous take on the prompt!

  6. “Your beauty

    Renders you untouchable

    Painting you with my own

    Patterned expectations…”

    Liked your take on relationships. Beautifully written.

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