In the witching hour

The lidless moon, ignites white

Supernal lantern

That calls desultory souls

Home to the Elysian Fields


Blind Pariah



I watch from the edge

The precipice honed

By the skeans

Of self-loathing

These curious angles

A bloody looking glass

What I have seen,

So ugly it

Shatters on reflection


I wait in the barrens

The red sediment

Of a blighted transience

An ill-world summons me

I think it must be

My perception

In which I dwell darkly

Shrinking under a dying sun

A blind pariah


I am a segmented sloth

Dragging through life

On my fleshy underbelly

Grooves form

A well-worn path

They accommodate

My formless ambitions

Burrowing deep

Into subterranean folds

I hide beneath

My filthy words

Undertaker to myself,



My friends say their farewells

Shovel dead earth

Over my bone-dry corpse

Death would suffer their memories

But through isolation

I am easily forgotten

If only I could dust off

The impressions

They have left

Then I wouldn’t

Pine their loss


Day 15 Road Trip

For my college graduation present my mom decided to take me and my husband (he was graduating too with his masters, I was getting my bachelors) to Disney World. She was more excited than anyone on the trip rest-assured. She left during our graduation to get some last minute preparation done and to avoid traffic. I was hurt at the time but I realize the poor woman can’t help herself she doesn’t think sometimes. I am from North Carolina so the trip to Florida is fairly long I think it’s 12 hours or so. I was pregnant at the time so riding in the car in the heat was rough. When my step dad drives he takes really scary Texas Chainsaw Massacre style back roads and doesn’t stop for anything. Forget eating or the bathroom and when your several months pregnant you pretty much have to pee and eat every few seconds. Now you think he’d speed because obviously he’s in a hurry but my stepdad at the time was in his late 70s and he drives only slightly faster than he walks. My mom would make up for this by speeding excessively when it was her turn. My mom is the worst driver I know, she wrecked 10 cars in a year once and she can’t really see. So I have no idea how she has a license. My husband and I were in the backseat with our eyes closed. My mom had rented a nice condo with a pool and of course a kitchen though we ate out A LOT. We went to Seaworld and won free tickets as soon as we walked in so we ended up going two days in a row. I love watching the dolphin and killer whales perform and they had a really cute show with seals and a walrus that I really enjoyed. They also had a Circus du Soleil performance which was awesome! I love aquariums too and manatees are the cutest creatures ever. We also got to go behind the scenes and pet penguins! Very cute. Naturally we did caricatures me and my husband posed together. My husband has a lot of character to his face so they did a very cute picture of him (not mean) and for me the guy emphasized my breasts (you know pregnancy breasts are just ridiculous) and had my husband looking at them in photo, its quite funny.

I don’t remember the order of the days really. We went to Bush Gardens and I mostly looked at the animals you know I couldn’t ride very many rides. I did ride the log ride though and Sam got some fabulous photos of animals. I really liked Animal Kingdom a lot more to look at and I rode the water ride again (I really love those). We went to Universal Studios and I rode more there since its more simulation but it was so HOT there. It was hilarious seeing my step-dad shoot aliens on the Men and Black ride, he’s really quite good! We went of course to Epcot Center which is my favorite place of all and that’s the only place Sam and I bought anything really. We bought some very nice Japanese tea mugs, teas, a Japanese knife (my husband cooks and he was so happy to find a good knife) basically kitchen stuff, we don’t really do the touristy stuff. My step dad drunk beer nonstop and then he tried to drive. I kid you not he said “We’re tourists they won’t say anything.” Since when does being a tourist mean your freed common sense ?! Anyways my mom could not explain to him that it was still illegal (maybe he was drunk) but anyways she drove. We went to Cape Kennedy the last day and it was so BORING you aren’t allowed to see anything cool and the food is the worse than the park food (Epcot has the best I thought) not to mention its excruciatingly expensive. Sam is a nerd so he was disappointed about that. The trip back my stepdad drove (sober) and he had to stop in South Carolina for fireworks because every year they do a huge 4th of July celebration at the lake.

Here’s some pictures, my husband took them all because no one else in the group could lol All animals because he really likes nature photography, I can’t find the people photos.We love bird shows

Wild Bird