Don’t Speak

My tongue is an eel

Electric it writhes

Shocking upon inquisition

My defenses automatic

Brutally unforgiving


Slippery these words

Fall from loose lips

Shapeless, prolific

These vitreous confessions

Bleed from crimson palate

Dripping, slick, sibylline

In excess they fall

Staining my hands


Guiltily I smear red

Across my lips

Scandalous these words

Bare repeating

Orgasmic with the breath

This defiled alphabet assumes a moan

The swagger of desperation

Pleading, these tainted letters

Deforming under impassioned delivery


(“Speak” was about my husband’s communication style so to be fair I wrote a poem about mine. I wrote this way because he teases me for making everything sound perverted :-P)



I have waited for your voice

Watched the big black well

Of your mouth

Drawing in the light

Yet remaining

Impassively dark


Cryptic your lips

Hollow into the shapes of words

Arcane, these breathless symbols

I tune my ears to silence

Straining to decipher the pauses

The raspy vocalizations of your throat

Always nonsensical in compression


Something inside is dying to come out

Just listen to the sounds of exertion

The sensuous moan of curvaceous vowels

The throaty strands of consonants

Chains of oppression, these letters

You can smell the dust and sudor

Of this laconic creature  laboring

Trapped under the glottal stop


See the vocal cords tremble

This secret wedged between you teeth

I fear this unspoken demon

For it grows bigger everyday

It taken possession of your tongue

Sits there on the tip, numbing

Drawing in your breaths

This word-deprived incubus

Only growls out monosyllables

And fork-tongued curses

And you wonder why I don’t understand you


(My husband and I have two different communications styles I am verbose and I tend to repeat myself, he’s literal and concise so we struggle to understand each other. I might write a poem complimenting this one on my communication style. If I do I know I am going to name it “Shut up” :-P)


Once while waiting in line at the grocery

A man turned to me with a gentle smile

And told me the origin of “God”

His face was lit with sudden epiphany

Words sincere and unassuming

This man who explained God

Was not an arrogant man

He was a simple man with kind eyes

From the womb he said

We develop the unshakeable impression

Of unconditional love, our mother’s love

We learn to trust in the unseen

In an entity that permeates every cell

This presence gives without taking

Answers our prayers before they’ve formed

Protects us, surrounds us completely in warmth


We exist because she has created us

In her very own image, giving of herself

(Our fathers as well offer a piece of themselves)

We know Eden, the illusive, undefinable paradise

Because we have lived there

We do not fall from paradise

We are simply born

Original sin is only the transient pain of  labor

For which we are already forgiven

We are complete from the very beginning

Worth any pain we may have caused

Pure because we come directly from heaven


(When I was pregnant a man turned to me and told me this, I thought it was really very beautiful. I can’t do justice to his words because I can’t convey his spirit and I’ve chosen a very simple poem because the message is important. I was deeply moved and just remembering this moment brings me peace and a sense happiness. Not to mention immeasurable gratitude to my own mother.)

Day 11 Beating the Heat

How do I beat the heat? Well its 57 degrees Fahrenheit right now so I am beating it with a light jacket lol On a serious note I have never been good with heat and I admit on sweltering days I don’t really do anything at all. Have you seen roadkill? Pretty much me lying around in uncomfortable looking positions with my tongue hanging out. I seek out the coldest room or the shower. Drink water or other chilled refreshing beverages like a light juice. I find popsicles effective especially when you first open the freezer. I am sure I am not the only one who lingers in the chilled air. Without AC it can be cooler outside than inside especially if there’s a nice breeze or a cozy bit of shade so sometimes I actually go outside instead. Weird right? Why does the title of my post sound so perverted, maybe its just me lol