I remember the bay where we met

The white sand beaches

Surrounded by black cliffs

That rose like prehistoric monoliths

The skeletal remains of dead Gods

Water the same color as your eyes

Blue and green, with flecks of lavender

You wore a red sun dress

With orange flowers clustering at the hemline

And around the swell of your right breast


We gathered pebbles together in a bucket

The cheap plastic kind that children use

To shape castles and forts out of clumps of wet sand

We searched in an easy silence

Our bodies translated the language of our hearts

Into palpable moments inexpressible by words


Everything was a little more urgent

Knowing that we were on borrowed time

We spent our nights making love

Bodies stuck together with sand and humidity

Every kiss tasted of salt and strawberry lip gloss

Like animals controlled by the phases of the moon

We grew more ravenous as the eclipse passed


We spent our days amongst zen stones

Worn smooth by the elements

My heart weighed in your pocket

Like one of those polished rocks

Fatal contours eroded by your caressing fingertips

My past sunk to the bottom of the timid waters

And we trampled it down with our feet


It was August when our summer ended

With concealed tears and unspoken goodbyes

The oceans that drowned our hearts

Deeper than the water of the bay


My heart has grown vicious again

Without you to smooth away the edges

A heavy black paperweight

That I keep on my desk next to your photograph

The fragrance has become stale

Less like the fresh salt water and more like damp earth

Someday I’ll return it to the beach but for now it still carries

The impression of your loving hands


Exponential Heart

We’re all restless in love

First waiting for the transitions

The empty sentimental labels

(Because meaning can’t be extricated with force)

Like the pale slivers of glass moons

Dangling on wind chimes

Mixed with suns and and wooden pipes

That resemble pan flutes

Content with our hollow resonance

Assured by the echos that were not alone

Or worse yet lonely


Next comes the painful withdraw

As each advancement

Is met with disproportionate causality

Closeted months of mourning

And graveside vigils

Unfolding at the same rate

As the slow motion sequences in horror movies


If we’re lucky the relationship continues

To grow and deepen

Somehow yielding

Even in the act of consumption

Like a fruit prolific with seeds

Hanging heavy and low

On gracefully arched branches

The act of surrendering to love

Increasing exponentially

The capacity of the heart




My life slithered by in reverse

Memories reflected in cryptic half mirrors

I wondered if the change in perspective

Would reroute my neural pathways

Ignite long dormant synapses

So that I could cast off melodramatic illusion

Like a child spinning around in circles

Freed of deleterious habits

Through perpetual reorientation


I looked for a brief affair to sate my mind’s raping curiosity

Searched for enigmas in the tribal patterns of dead shifty eyes

Got lost in vitreous wells and the smug little half-smiles

Of men trying to get laid or cop an “accidental” feel

I found myself claustrophobic inside black-hearted machination

The hysterics of large crowds, an effort to maintain anonymity

No different than the blatant silence of forced company


Inside the entrails of the city I felt little pieces of self being digested

The low rumble of peristalsis as I erode inside bleak channels

Always a little more apathetic on resurfacing

Weary and a little more wary of the blank faces

That file in and out like tagged livestock

My own number tucked out of sight in my pocket

The terrible truth concealed


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