These dry leaves

Snap in a brutal wind

Pieces of history

Beneath my feet



These brittle memories

Passing into autumn

An aching chill

Surrenders me to vulnerability

Is this what they call



Haunted all these places

That you have touched

Why do you hold me down

Caged in your empty embrace

This pain comes to mean

More than you ever did

Pity drags me in

So I come to hate


Time will heal so they say

But it seems too late for me

Too late for us

Sometimes fate

Holds the upper hand

Guess it had to end


These bitter pills

Leave me hollowed

Guess you never meant enough

I breath in love

Caught in the humid air

Some would say

Its only lust


Not enough for me

Broken under gravity

Sometimes I feel too much

Want more than two

People could ever be

Some would say

You are only using me

Guess, I am not enough


Choking on your saline taste

Its a shame these hours

Wasted on your deflated heart

If I could reclaim my sanity

I’d let you slip away untouched

Guess its too late


Tears fall a matter of course, its such a tragedy

That my heart yields for you

More than you could give

I wanted, more than you could be

You should feel guilty

For breaking me

Guess you’re just too numb


A victim of your apathy

Your darkness draws me in

Taken by dangerous things

I see my mistake

Guess it came too late


Nothing will save me now

That’s why I’m running

Let winter take me under



(I tried to sort of write to the tune of the song but not rip it off too much. I am no lyrist but I wanted to challenge myself. I suggest listening to the song to see if I captured any of the flow lol)