Dirty Charity

I suffer the consequence

Of your empty labor

The cost of your greed

The decay of nations


I starve so that you

Can water your plastic flowers

Obscene in your decadence

Its not question of need

But a justification

Of insatiable desire


My streets

Unearthed graves


All these beautiful children

Fall away

To nothing


Your streets

Mechanized reality


All your idols

Fall away

To nothing


Beneath the same sun

My very own brothers


I stick to your shoes

Down here in the gutter

You waste


Than I will ever consume


You starve

Under the isolation

Of technology

Choked on empty


I know the void

Of an empty stomach

You know the sorrow

Of a misplaced heart


You placate guilt

With acts of charity

I know the cost of your generosity

The weight of concealed obligations

Your marketed love

Crushing my freedom


Your 24 hour causes

Never really saved anyone

You rampage these streets


Pissing all over my beliefs

Tearing down traditions

The threads that hold us together

Unraveled by conceit

Tell me who is the savage?


Your pity will be

Our destruction

A perpetuation

Of chronic starvation

This endless poverty

Can’t be bought with money

In polite society

You do not speak

This dirty secret outloud


My children look to the sky

Not to the earth

Prying open crates

Instead of in a classroom

Learning to be autonomous

Dependence taxed with ignorance

That’s the nature of your

Dirty charity


Instant gratification

Is not a long-term solution

Whatever happened to compassion?


People working together?

This world that is not mine

That is not yours

Will crumble in hands that grip

Too tightly


When did I cease being a human being?

When did I become just another

Summertime project?

If you want to help

Try respect



Skin Deep

Veiled by artifice

The mirror blindly reflects

Porcelain Facade


(This is for the next theme at Haiku Heights, I woke up in the middle of night and scribbled it down. It helps to have the notebook by the bed to catch ideas but it doesn’t do much for sleep.)