Decomposing Heart


These skeletal secrets

Consume through atrophy

A ricocheting heart

That disembarks passionless

Will inevitably decay


Procreant my tears

Exceed generational hierarchy

I am less adept

At managing hunger

Starvation plays upon

My baser instincts,

It’s not simply somatic

The need for fulfillment

Occupies all indenture


Closeted, the child within

Cowers in darkness

Beset by demonic shades

I know that denial alienates

Still, I drink

Of these familiar shadows

That I might become

A less visible target


All my angels have fallen

Like discarded syringes

I hide them in plain sight

Oblivious to the enormity

Of my affliction


Apathetic, this suicide

Languishes in my intestines

Any occasion could

Prove a trigger


19 responses to “Decomposing Heart

  1. great words and a great work of art, I relate completely so and became consumed with enthusiasm to continue writing my poetry. Wonderful Poetry you have, MLM.

    • *hugs back* I tend to enjoy the light and go out and do things hence my writing few happy poems. I purge the dark through writing hence the disproportionate number of sad poem.

  2. ahh, your struggle with this piece, only accentuates its message … therefore it flows as it should … wishing you and your muse a lighter spirit for tomorrow!! 🙂

  3. Powerful…glad you explained that you’re not as depressed at the poem sounds. You’re right. it’s better this way ..take out each depressing thought and strand of dark emotion, wash it in the waters of quiet observation , hold it out to the sun long enough so that the dark fungus stains bleach themselves to whiteness and there it is ..a fresh palette to spread the colours on. Writing can indeed do that.:-)

  4. I, too really loved the stanza regarding the “child within hiding, seeking to be less a visible target”. I think once we have been in that situation, even in adulthood we sometimes cower, not wishing to ever feel that vulnerable again. Outstanding piece!

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