Your gnarled spine bows

Forward in remorse

Tethered by the roots, you pray

A voiceless soldier denied salvation


Rigid arthritic limbs

Contort in archaic gesture

Frozen in the postures of a grim dance.

Quietly you await the music

That will unmake the world


Serpentine, your filaments drip down

Skirting the river’s edge

Weeping by the shore

Sacred mother trapped in eternal mourning

Your freedom the destruction of all


(This my story of why the weeping willow weeps. When she is finally free to dance she will unmake the world. Baring such an enormous burden she spends her days cast down in prayers that go unanswered.)


10 thoughts on “Why the willow weeps

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and the likes! I look forward to getting to know you as well, through my poetry is certainly a good way since it is the soul of me as I can tell with your poetry too you put so much heart into it

      1. Yes, our poetry reveals a lot, but we artists are keen observers of life writing about what we see, sense, and wish for. Then there is also the phenomena of messages received that must go out to the world. We function as the voice of God in these instances. Learning to allow our Creator to manifest through us is a huge step in our spiritual awakening. Keep writing. Your work is important. Much love, pat

  1. I think what we observe, our dreams, wishes are all reflections of self. Our perceptions of the world are vital to our experience. Thank you so much for your lovely words

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