You are the black moon calling

The impendence of night

Darkness uncompromising

I have seen your blood-torn rage

The way it desecrates

The holiness within


You were a man once

But longing has left

You derelict

Fastened by grief

I have seen her eyes

Reflected in your hysteria


You hold me

In the place of love

And beneath you

I am unmade

Recast in her image

But never the same

Barely even a reprieve

In your malaise


We will never be wed

Except through pain

Every night

I catch you

At the window

Haunted by what if


She waits

In your shadow

Seeking forgiveness

Yet you do not absolve

No matter the casualties

I know that

She will remain

Between worlds


And I, in her semblance

Mortally bound


We suffer the avarice

Of your half lives

Draped in shadows

I know that you will

Wait indefinitely


22 thoughts on “Semblance

  1. The poem is very well suited with the background of your blog (:

    Good poem.

    -RPIMotion Author

  2. You really captivated me! This story is awesome, I was about to cry. I could almost feel myself trapped inside someone else`s shadow, being unable to be and yet becoming someone who “is”.

    Happy Rally!

  3. My favorite is:
    “I know beneath you
    I am unmade
    Recast in her image”
    …very poignant. I like how you kept the tone through the entire poem. Nice

  4. Wow! That is extraordinary, you have surpassed even yourself, which is saying something! This is blisteringly, heartbreakingly powerful! Oh, and happy birthday to your husband!! 🙂

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