Sex is art

The compression of stars

Consummation of love or just desire


Wrinkles are art

Constellations of a life lived

Highways of the spirit


Decay is art

A reminder of fragility

The divinity of breath


Sadness is art

Involuntary surrender

Giving way to compassion


Dreams are art

Freedom of expression

Even in the shackles of war


Mediocrity is art

A pause in the storm

The vital resurrection


Truth is art

The way of the Dao



(Feel free anyone to do this activity. It’s something I do to see the beauty in the so-called negatives not that all of these are seen as negative in a usual context but all have been viewed negatively at some point. I also do a little activity with people for example I came up with a compliment for everyone I recognized in my school yearbook if I didn’t know them I just had to compliment their looks or the impression. I am pretty odd I guess lol)


26 thoughts on “Faces of art

  1. Sex, sadness and dreams are my favorite here.
    That sounds like fun looking up pictures and
    thinking of a compliment – at least it is a
    positive activity.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I have always believed that the very human existence is an art that is worth being admired and enjoyed in utter relaxation. Even the ugliest of all things are art, even a mistake can turn out to be a work of art, its all about the perspective in which you choose to view the objects you meet in day to day life, isn’t it?

    1. Thank you so much. I picked some of the negatives to show that under another light they could be positive most of them I chose because of their strong impact on my life. When I write too I am inspired a lot by sex, dreams, sorrow.

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