Fear is an anvil

That fashions

Of vulnerability a carapace

In these fierce designs

Anger festers as contempt

With oil slicks

Of cancerous blood


Obscured by darkness

My vision

Can see only deception

A future cast

In the decapitated shadows

Of regret

I ache before

I can be undone

In your malicious hands


These brimstone kisses

Flowers of the forge

Scalding on assembly

These relics of affection

Backhanded rage

Screaming on delivery


All our memories

Have become malignant.

In each other’s eyes

We are cruel

Capable of any atrocity

And what we accuse

Is far more vicious

Than any placement

Of furrowed hands


64 thoughts on “Flowers of Strife

  1. Very potent these words… once you’ve been in a toxic relationship it takes a long time to trust again. Very dark place in these words it certainly has an impact.

  2. Hey Babe! This is about (IMO!) two Peeps who would do well to remember that it is in GIVING that we RECEIVE. And that gift is L O V E !!!! Is there a way to, like–start OVER?

    Or is this just a ‘poem’ with no reference to “certain” Peeps?

    Either way, a GOOD write. Thank you. And thanks also for stopping by my place!

    1. I am a fatal optimist when it comes to love and only love really. I think love is inherent with risks and you have to surrender yourself to it and be willing to take those risks. Starting over to me would be first distinguishing yourself from the relationship and the other person you’ve become deeply entrenched with, you know figuring out your individual identity and truth. A lot of people place their personal happiness on other people and that’s a tremendous responsibility. No one can make you happy or fill you up, you have to take responsibility for yourself and your own health. Next I think its admitting to yourself how you’ve contributed or exacerbated the situation (its almost never a one person thing unless in matters of abuse especially with children), since you can’t change anyone but yourself you work on yourself. Just listening to the other person with sincere intent works wonders I think. If the other person does continue to be a detrimental part of your life I think you have to let go for your own well-being and move on.

  3. Many strong images in these pieces. I especially like
    anger festering in “oil slicks of cancerous blood,” “brimstone kisses,” and “backhanded rage.” and I hope this relationship is history for you!

  4. Who knew irises could look so menacing? But it’s time to switch on the light, I think, and see them for the colourful beauties they are! Let love, light and healing in…

  5. “Love, is a many splended thing, love lifts up where we belong, All we need is love”

    “The greatest thing, U’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return” Moulon Rouge, for both qoutes.
    a good part of my depression catagory on my blog is about love loss and i have been there a couple of times, it just best to keep your head held high my friend. Fuck em they apperently were not worth you time. There will be a person out there who will love you for you i promise you just got to find them.

  6. Hi, this seems as if it was a very toxic and heart-breaking relationship. You’ve captured the rawness of the wounds so well. I’m glad this is in your past now. strange how we poets can write from our deepest feelings of love or sorrow, so eloquently.

  7. A strongly worded poem with startling imagery showing the other faces of life-anger, fear and decepton.
    “This affection, nothing but
    Backhanded rage”- a simmering poem indeed!

  8. The two words that come to mind after reading this are intense and bold! Your writing depicts what many people are afraid to open themselves up to = honesty. I’m glad you’ve shared this with all of us. But more importantly I’m glad I read it! You have a unique writing style that will keep me coming back. Keep it up!

    1. Sounds like a painful situation, its awful when relationship go in that direction. Yeah? Usually people don’t say that to me so I am intrigued! Thank you so much for visiting

  9. This is so graphic and reveals the negative spiral in the static space of emotional pain. A really incredible piece! I read it this morning! It is now 4:41 PM on Friday…. What you wrote, I’ve been there and when I read it I didn’t want to stay with it because the joy past a painful experience (s) is so possible!
    But in an aesthetically literary way this is an incredible piece. Thanks for sharing it! Cindy

    1. Thank you very much =) I know the joy certainly of love as well, I am actually optimistic in that department despite my writing lol. Writing about pain doesn’t mean I am necessarily going through it at the moment or that I have ever experienced what I am describing (I write through characters too).

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