When you went away

I stowed you in a box

Our moments compressed

In a stack of love letters

And caress-worn photographs


(My first attempt at a Tanka. The syllable count is 5-7-5-7-7)


46 responses to “Memento

    • I have been studying new forms and I really like this one. I’d be very interested to see a poem you created in this form. You are an incredible writer =)

  1. Good one! I enjoy that form too. I sometimes start with haiku and then realize I need more syllables to complete my thought and end up with tanka. (I think it’s tanka and not tanko, unless there are two ways to spell it.)

  2. I think you did an excellent tanka form and the flow of the words created a fantastic snapshot in my head~

  3. I enjoyed this and loved the images it creates. Wonderful my friend. I think you can take on any form with grace and make it wonderful.

  4. Love it! Tanka, shadorma, so many forms out there to try! There was a fabulous poet from Memoirsofadragon who wrote such inspiring poetry forms. He has gone inactive but his blog is still there and still amazing. I go now and then to be re-inspired as he encouraged me to try my first form.

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