Tethered to the earth

I find freedom, in the fire

The skyward release

Flirtatious winds carry me

To places my legs cannot


(This is my submission for http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.com/2011/05/short-story-slam.html. I noted one of the onlookers was in a wheelchair and so this is part of my inspiration for the piece.)


28 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I think that`s exactly the amazing thing about things that fly… we feel like we can reach the unreachable, isnt it?
    Loved the post, thanks for sharing. I liked this prompt because it is kinda of funny to read other`s view about the same image you are seeing. Like you, you are the one in the balloon, another one I read wrote about it laid on the grass and I was a crazy old man who saw it from the far.

    Lu Ann

  2. In general, we write a poem, find an image to illustrate or reflect our work, Now, let’s go reverse, we provide you an image,

    Invite you to contribute a poem or a short story based on the image you see,

    Be creative,
    Have fun!

    Hope to see you in…

    Bluebell Books!

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