The hourglass passes sideways

Through my esophagus

Time is horizontal like a trip wire

That’s why we can only

Ascend or descend


I am afraid of life and death equally

Seeing as energy can neither be created nor destroyed

I suspect that contrast is a form of hypnotism

Like the revolutions of a monochromatic wheel


There is something sympathetic about vice

The way is slides over a wooly exterior

And extinguishes all momentary threat

Vice is patient, it exceeds abstinence in resolve


Any step taken along a longitudinal axis

Will lead me indefensibly to addiction

My neurons have exhausted all ingenuity

They are too fastidious in their ventures

The occasional aberration does not

Expedite sobriety, recovery it seems,

Is the only true immortal




27 thoughts on “Venom and Vice

  1. I have always been fascinated by the concept of time only going up or down. I used to question the idea of the concept of time stretching sideways. Your poem raises that for me again Yves. Excellent poem, loved it.

  2. addiction is hard to overcome…vice is comforting, taking us away from reality, whether that is good for us or not…i have known it…and def not an easy road to escape…

  3. I think being afraid of life and death equally speaks volumes. This is wonderfully written and we all have our vices to escape.

  4. Evocative — and sparked a lively discussion of life, death, time. I particularly liked the concept of stretching time sideways like a rubber band. In my “non-fictional” writing, I’ve talked about the roles of women in the 19th century, and how they had to stretch the rubber band of their “proper” roles, and that once stretched, the rubber band never bounced back as tight. The band was forever altered; women’s lives forever changed and open to new experiences.
    Just as time, vice, virtue and death can be stretched, but not return to their original positions.
    Powerful words!

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