Unraveled, Occluded

Eviscerating, Nullifying, Victimizing

Black heart of inertia



19 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Reblogged this on mindlovemisery and commented:

    I apologize for all the reblogging and feel I owe you some explanation for it

    So here goes
    1) My laptop keeps losing power (despite being plugged in) and turning itself off. It’s not that old by my standards but it doesn’t seem long for this world. When left on it gets really hot.
    2) I have been unusually busy yesterday Isadora had her graduation (from kindergarten), we had a celebration, went to lunch, I took her to get a haircut, to the library, later we went to grand opening of a store on top of my usual stuff all my days seem to be packed lately and I usually do my email before I write which has been piling up since I am away
    3) Lastly and probably most importantly. I have been to a few therapy sessions and my guard is dangerously high. I’m blocking my thoughts and feelings even from myself at the moment. My therapist made a comment on how calm I appear outwardly no matter how difficult the memory I am sharing and the last session was on my dad. The price of that calm is basically that I turn all those emotions on myself like a weapon really. I am in intense physical pain and can barely stand to be in any position too long. Multiple pinched nerves, subluxations, extreme muscular tension, and my right hip is out of place. The manifestation of my emotional state I suppose

    1. Very sorry to hear this. Wondering if you have someone who can help you with these physical issues?

      I visited my energy medicine practitioner earlier this week, and I was really amazed how much better I felt afterwards. (Haven’t written about this yet, but plan to :)) She worked with chakras, meridians, and other energy flows, and afterwards my neck and shoulders were sooo much more relaxed–not something I ever realized she could help with. I wish I could pack her up and send her to you, or you could come here ❤ But there are many healing modalities, I'm sure there must be someone near you who can help make you more comfortable … ❤

      1. I wish something like that existed here but holistic healing is limited here. Acupuncture for example would just be a few needles. Everything is kind of beginner sampler course mixed in the holistic department and it is expensive

  2. There is no need for apologies as you are in a place of understanding without expectations. Just do what is best for you, time is all we have. Hope rest and peace within finds you.

  3. i agree with hector, you have no reason to apologize for just stating how you feel, we are here to support no matter what, not to judge. i hope that black cloud soon moves on – beth

  4. Yves, it was thoughtful of you to offer an explanation for the reblogging, but really I think we’re all just glad to know something of what you’re going through right now. As has already been stated, no apologies are necessary. None.
    Do what you gotta do to keep fighting the darkness. Let it know that you absolutely won’t let yourself be snuffed out by it. Not by a long shot. We are barracking for you!

  5. There is nothing wrong with reblogging. Writing in the past, speaks to your present. You have a lot going on — some harder, others less so.
    Wishing you strength and purposeful continued efforts; you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind too.
    Good luck!

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