loss2I assign your semblance to the shadows

Of stationary objects that I might secure

Some power over where you manifest


Your side of the bed grows larger

With each planetary revolution

A night will come when I am

Swallowed completely

By these fibrous attachments


I’ve never spoken of your vacancy

Denial depends on the maintenance

Of certain superstitions and I have

Loved you too long to let you pass

From my archetype uncontested


How could I ever forget

The way you felt

Inside of me for so long

You being the locus around

Which my essence gathers


30 thoughts on “Locus

  1. Reblogged this on mindlovemisery and commented:

    I realize I’ve been relogging a lot and I wonder if it has been annoying? I am not planning to reblog my entire blog by any means but my blog is very old and very large. My earliest work, which is the work I am working with, mostly consists of hastily written doodles. I have always wanted to take those notes and turn them into completed/polished poems/stories. The editing process has been very time consuming and emotional. I have put a lot of work into the process and have written more new material since I began then what I would do ordinarily. Ordinarily I write one poem a day during this process I am writing the equivalent of several poems a day (I limit my posts to avoid overwhelming).
    When I was scanning my blog for my book several months ago there were a number of poems I’d labeled as trash, as irreparable. Some of those poems I’ve since β€œrepaired”. I would like your feedback on the reblogging. Too much? Should I designate specific days for reblogs?

  2. I enjoy your poems very much and your re-blogging gives me a chance to read your old poems. I don’t mind and I am certain others here would feel the same way.

  3. It’s not too much reblogging ma’am! A reblogged post is still a post, and I cannot speak for all the other ladies and gents who follow the words that you write, but every reblogged word is certainly new to me.
    Another very well written piece ma’am. (please) Don’t ever stop writing. πŸ˜€

    1. I would be surprised if anyone had read my older poems. Many of my earliest entries didn’t receive any feedback and my views on average tended to be anywhere from 2 to 7 views for the entire day! With this poem I think it was a 1 view day! Even if someone had read the original I have done a significant amount of work and in several cases the poem would appear as new. Brian might recognize a few pieces from the day but a lot of my followers that I have now are from this year when I restarted my blog.

  4. By the number of folks saying reblogging is fine, I hope you are reassured that your earlier work, revisited and reblogged is being unveiled for a new audience (like me). I have a pile of poems I wrote in the 1970s and early 1980s that I’m thinking of blogging, though probably create a new space for that — story of one of my former lives captured in poems and doodle drawings back when I could still draw! Now, the doodles just look like doodles!
    Reblog on!

      1. It sits, sealed in a plastic bag on my shelf — it was originally a trilogy/triptych — the first book is lost — I don’t know where or when. So many lives, so many moves, so many cardboard boxes. I found the middle amongst the boxes left at my mother’s; I saw part of the third folio, but I must have put it in storage — it wasn’t with the middle. It’s a slight volume with more of those doodles/pictures. Time will tell.

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