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I crossed the park into the city

A webbing of steel carcasses

Exalting a skyline smudged

In charcoals and prosaic blues


There are no angels in this city

Only precarious thighs


I watched each would be consumer

As they weaved their spindly souls

Through red lit alleys and glass facades

Wanton arms leaden,

Dent-less lips liberally greased


The Devil suffers no shortage of idle hands


Impotent souls yield adroitly to greed

Everyone here wants to be someone else

To evade consequence and intimacy

For their fragment of prefab paradise


Empty eyes always hunger


17 thoughts on “The Devil’s Hands

      1. They do if you have used their publishing package – I presume they do also if you have done it yourself but I haven’t tried that way. 🙂

  1. The devil’s hands are at the ends of wanton arms, or maybe they created the wanton arms and empty eyes and the hunger. My Mom used to hit me with the “idle hands are the devil’s playthings” line. Consequently I am about the only one in my family who doesn’t pain, crochet, knit, carve, or etc.

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