I dress myself in your linens

A Vestal virgin mid service

Amidst a redolent anamnesis

I hold out every covenant

The tapestry moth-eaten

Despite amaranthine care


I trace each abrasion lovingly

As though defect held

An incantation

That when whispered

Would resolve all distinction

Between my life and your departure


I think I’ll take the shears

And cut strips for my journal

The faded prints will look beautiful

Pressed inside your love letters


20 thoughts on “Gaslight

  1. I love this poem. The depth of feeling. I feel like I’m right there, laying on those sheets, watching the gaslight fade from gold to yellow, cutting out memories, hoping to keep the tattered remains tucked away, keepsakes of him. Great job! 🙂

    1. I am very sorry. My submission isn’t related to the picture of the air balloon I saw your page with the wine glass thinking it was the story slam page I don’t know what happened complete brain malfunction. I am really sorry though.

  2. I wish I had a substitute for the word ‘beautiful’, but I don’t. Those last 4 lines are so beautiful in imagery, meaning, eloquence and emotion. Those last 4 lines are acceptance and hope.
    Deftly written and beautiful poem.

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