I seek validation

In the anonymous

In the cursory embrace

Of a society

Who by its very design

Parries distinction


What right have I

To speak of instinct

When I force

My prophetic bones

Into the sleeves

Of a disingenuous mold?


What right have I

To speak when my words,


In a communal maw,

Lack the integrity

To illicit change?


15 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

    1. I hope you will come back and visit when you have access to a computer =) I honestly don’t even know what a smart phone is, I live entirely inside my own mind I guess lol

  1. This is true. To me, it points at not only society, but how we think about / approach society, how we think about / “deal with” ourselves, and self-sabotage, self-importance, and lazy introspection. Maybe I’m making false assumptions or reading myself into your work, but either way, I like this. Somehow, in the end, I found it to be forgiving. Sorry, I am stream-of-emotidumping here.

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