Book of the Dead

Did I allow an affinity for suffering

To calcify or mitigate?


Will I hunger indefinitely

Like a ravaged ghost?

Or will I find in death

Both coherence and communion?

A soul subservient

To neither Mara nor ID

A soul free of preference

And illusion


All these faces

I have worn

Both monster and God

They are but incarnations

Of the same entity


If in the path of delirium

I come to know

My Buddha nature

Will I banish all construct

And reemerge divine?


I painted this picture of the after life



7 responses to “Book of the Dead

  1. Buuda is awesome.
    I love your poetry, keep it up.

    12 hours before poets rally is closed, if you come in, that would be a bliss…

    first time participants will be given some awards, those who participate regularly will get official awards, due to nominations by previous winners, you have amazing talent, your work shall be exposed to wider audiences.

    bless you.
    keep writing..

    • visit me by clicking on my name/link,

      you will see a post,

      on the bottom of the post, there is a link leading you to poets rally poetry collection,

      there, you will read agreement, link your entry in as a participant, get feedback on your work by visiting others, if still confused, email, to know.

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