You are deception

The face behind

An occipital moon

I know you savagely

In the residue

Of a forgotten youth

Hands and hearts




I wear you

Like a noose




A breathless


To death

Choking, Choking


We tread cautiously

As though beneath

Our feet

The molten earth

Were irreparably cracked

We live in strained silence

Prisoners of war

Struggling, Struggling, Struggling


47 thoughts on “Discord

  1. Oh, how I love how these images combine and your title selection was perfect.

    Enjoy the rally – My poem is #37 – Major D Evolution

  2. We have to choose carefully…there is too much struggle, struggle, struggle, sometimes it is just to keep your head above water….that liquid that surrounds everything, and drowns, drowns, drowns at the end of the struggle.

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