Underneath a grim sky

Fluid with specks of dust

And the rapture of a fertile moon

I wonder will it always be thus?


My face pale and wane

My eyes dull and lifeless like a sharks

A mouth that speaks of trivial things

With a high timid voice

That understands nothing of words


The tender dialect of lovers

Will it ever move past my lips again?

Tiny shards of wisdom

That linger and endow me

With strange enchantments

Will I ever be inspired again?


My hands occupy my time with work

Daily I labor

For nothing in particular

Like a barren woman

Who tracks her ovulation

Even knowing she shall never bare any fruit

I am empty like that woman

And just as insatiable


Each night I fall into consecrated bliss

Yet even my dreams are ashen and uninspired

Silence gives me hope

With its ominous turnings

That both frighten and consume


This poem was Plath inspired and one of the only poems I’ve never edited. Though very old it remains curiously close to my heart. It is one of the only poems I have never hated.



22 thoughts on “Barren

      1. Oh if you only knew, the constant struggle with the esteem and we all become casualties. Sometimes I write poems and I just let them sit on my desktop waiting for a feeling about them before I edit and post. I’m still hoping I will write the perfect poem 🙂 You are an enchanted writer and your mind is full of so much vision. I truly enjoy reading your work.

  1. Nothing is ever the same….everything is always changing….don’t get used to where you are…..or think what you see around you is real…reach for it, it recedes….changing. Even sorrow isn’t the same from one day to the the next. We create the life we live, it is our choice….how to see that this is true? You said that this is an old poem, I wonder, if you rewrote it today, what would it be?

  2. This is lovely Yves, and it’s interesting to see that you were inspired by Sylvia Plath. We study Birthday Letter by Ted Hughes a series published after his death in the 1990’s. His views on Sylvia are very pointed but still her legacy continues to inspire so many. I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.

  3. I can see why this is your favourite – I wouldn’t change it either. I am also a serial reviser!
    On the subject of Plath – I’m writing an article about Self vs Traditional Publishing and came across this quote that a publisher made about Plath before she was published – “she doesn’t seem to have any genuine talent” – can you believe it?! It just goes to show, doesn’t it?
    I hope you are well and the therapy is getting easier. Happy Thanksgiving xoxo

    1. Some of my older work really needs it! Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite writers, she has tremendous talent but I suspect the editor might have been lacking. I am in Sweden now but sometimes we do a Thanksgiving anyways haha I love turkey. Thank you Bianca =)

      1. I like the idea of day of gratitude (shouldn’t that be everyday) and delicious food the real history behind Thanksgiving is just horrendous but I try to keep those positive aspects with me

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